Michael Hale is a creative guy.


He knows this because people have been telling him he was a creative guy his entire life.

They would say, “You’re a creative guy… you should do this project for us!” So he did.


He wrote, designed & illustrated advertising campaigns for print, radio & TV. He designed parade floats, museum exhibits, interactive learning displays, playgrounds,

holiday light shows & was even the Creative Director at The Phoenix Zoo.


He did all sorts of creative things, won awards & got more projects that only a

“Creative Guy” can do.


Then he realized something. Looking back at his work, all of the things that he was

creating were all done for a specific audience… Children.


He then decided to put his “Creative Guy” skills to work on one of his favorite things in

the whole world… Children’s Books.


That is what he does now. He loves his work.


Michael lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Beth. They have two sons, Austin & Carter.